Betty R Wood MS - Personal Coach & Educational Consultant

Betty Wood’s Personal Coach and Educational Consultant business emerged from her work with individuals, parents, families, and schools over the past 30 years.   Coaching sessions assist clients in determining and achieving mutually agreed upon goals within a specific period of time.  Clients who have benefited from her expertise include but are not limited to those seeking guidance in the following areas:

  • Individuals and couples contemplating when and if they choose to accept the role and responsibility of becoming parents through childbirth, adoption, foster parenting, or blended families.
  • Individuals seeking support in setting and accomplishing life goals and creating balance in their personal lives.
  • Adults diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or dyslexia who want to learn how to view their learning style and behavior as an asset in their personal and professional lives.
  • Parents seeking support as they guide their young children or adolescents through developmental transitions.
  • Parents seeking guidance in meeting their child’s individual education needs at home and/or through placement in a school that best matches their child’s natural learning style or learning difference as well as their family values.
  • Parents seeking a child advocate who can work with their child’s teachers and school along with the family in creating appropriate interventions and successful achievement outcomes.

Tips for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Below is an adaptation of Benson’s Harvard Relaxation Response by Betty R. Wood, M.S.  This relaxation technique may be used by children and adults. It is a helpful tool to reduce stress and anxiety in these stressful times.

Download HRR.pdf to learn more.

Classes, Workshops, & Special Sessions
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